Cloud Computing

Scale new heights with the Cloud.

We will store, manage, and process all your invaluable data on a simple platform called the Internet. It is easy to deploy, manage and upgrade when required. Your business does not incur the expense of buying any software or any hardware for that matter and you also save up on setting up of racks of lengthy servers. You can learn to operate the Cloud by our experts and within a few clicks you can learn to do the job on your own.

Few of the key benefits of Cloud Computing that you as a business should be aware of are as follows:

– Business Scalability
– Virtualized Resources
– Instant Provisioning and
– Ability to develop the Server Base quickly

Based on your organization’s set up, we can help with a variety of Cloud Solutions that best suits your industrial requirements.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud or Enterprise Cloud will help your company by developing new cloud based applications.

The Private Model enables IT services to be provisioned over your own Private IT infrastructure; this then becomes dedicated to your organization and can be easily managed by internal support.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud is based on a standard cloud computing model. This model helps create resources such as Virtual Machines, Storage or Applications and thereon makes them easily available to the common folks across the internet.

This model of Cloud Computing is typically a pay-as-you-go model; where payment is by the hour for the use of available resources. It is an economical approach if you are just starting out and also if your business is constantly changing or adding servers.

Hybrid Cloud

A mix of both Private and Public Cloud Computing is termed as Hybrid Cloud.

Resources from the Public Cloud are effectively integrated with Private Cloud services to build a one-of-a-kind hybrid environment.

A survey by Intel Security states that Hybrid Cloud adoption has increased from 19% to 57% in organizations.


Maintaining a business system network has never been easier

We can help reduce costs with the right type of set up while optimizing your data centres and enterprise networks. The expertise at Silicon will not only help you optimize but also improve system security and employee performance so that there is zero impact on overall productivity.

We will work closely with you on the architectural design and development of your networking systems. Thereon our experienced experts will provide proof of concepts and an extensive plan of deployment.


Maximizing Uptime

The number of companies that are facing higher consumption of energy and air conditioning needs due to unforeseen IT Infrastructure growth is increasing day by day.

Silicon will help with Virtualization of your systems such that your business can:

– Protect your investment in existing systems
– Back up your entire Operating System as well as Servers during emergencies
– Migration of Workloads becomes easier and on demand
– You can test software and new configurations
– It protects Applications from total failure

For our Clients - Virtualization will provide benefits such as simplification of your desktop administration, augments security management, flexibility to your workforce to work from anywhere anytime irrespective of the device and last but not least supports migrations of processes for mobility and flexible work spaces.

For your Business Infrastructure - Virtualization will assist in simplification of data centre operations, enhanced service delivery and facilitate cloud initiatives by including an array of the current feature-rich global standard server platforms. These systems will eventually provide a secure, vigorous and user friendly virtualization infrastructure for your company network administrators.

High Performance Computing

Accelerate Innovation

High Performance Computing or HPC is about more than your GB's and TB's.

– Recuperating risk analytics
– Curbing product development phases
– Replicating the actions of materials at nano scale

All of the above place a huge strain on your business data and IT infrastructure.

HPC will meet these requirements and also improve critical decision making and accelerate innovation with storage, networking and software.

Silicon has a broad range of HPC solutions to address the numerous technical and business challenges across the various sectors.

Security Solutions

Unbeatable Secure Solutions

We provide Security Solutions that provide protection to your business in the form Antivirus, Email Security, Storage Solutions and Data Backup.

Silicon will help you embrace current security standards and regulations in the scenario where your current headcount is already overwhelmed with IT security and IT budget.

Security as a Service or Saas is a global security sensation that promises unbeatable secure solutions for your business against cyber crimes.

With continuous changes in company infrastructure you can trust Silicon to audit your current security set up, investigate any gaps and ensure that they are compliant with global security standards.

Engineered Solutions for Mission Critical Workloads

Specific engineered systems

Mission critical workloads provide the necessary horse power to your business for growth, expansion and sustainability. They end up supporting the company from every angle – the organization as a whole, employees and customers.

Specific engineered systems by our business partners take your company’s infrastructure optimization to a whole new level. They are incorporated, designed, tested, and developed to work in tandem. To add on, Engineered Solutions are optimized to a level of cloud-ready assimilation that your every day generic systems just cannot match.

Backup Automation

Accurate information affects key decisions in any modern day business

The importance of information being a vital resource cannot be stressed enough. Loss of data and the inability to recover crucial data; due to human error, natural disaster or anonymous hackers, is any organizations current nightmare.

Our experienced experts will ensure that this nightmare is no longer part of your workforce by providing key backup and archive solutions for every possible platform in your company.

A host of Government and Global Conglomerates depend on Silicon for their backup automation.


Let Silicon capture the power of your business data.

Data not only makes the world go round but also drives your business. We will help control the reach and power of your data as it is vital to your survival and competitive advantage.

With specific Software Defined Storage Solutions or SDS, your business can future-proof the IT infrastructure for upcoming applications. SDS will end up freeing your data and workforce so it easily adapts to newly introduced workloads and oblige multiple cloud based applications.

SDS is here to stay and is slated to soon take over the data world.

Disaster Ready Protection

Complete Peace of Mind

Whatever your Disaster Recovery Strategy is; we have industry specific solutions to ensure your Fail-over and Backup solutions are defined with SLA's and help you prepare for any unforeseen incident.

Staging from a Greenfield Disaster Recovery establishment to specific backup and recovery requirements whether it’s Disc to Disc/Disc to Tape/Backup on Cloud; Silicon works with its Business Partners to ensure that we provide the best of the solutions for complete peace of mind.