Silicon was founded in 1988 with a view to assist businesses with managed IT services, IT support, IT assets, Storage Solutions and SaaS.

We are a well established and reliable technology solutions partner that focuses on providing end–to-end IT solutions with impeccable desired business outcome.

It has been a journey of 30 years where we have reinforced ourselves as a reputable brand with unmatched industry experience and as a proven IT services provider.

Silicon, along with global leading technology providers like IBM, Lenovo, Oracle, AWS etc., is currently the preferred IT partner for many reputed organizations in the state.

We invest in our resources to ensure that they are adept with the latest technology trends. With complex projects involving process migrations; we ensure our team works on planning and keeping the product life cycle alive so as to increase productivity and minimize downtime.

Our objective is simple, yet effective, as we help enable our clients on growing their business while we manage their IT systems and requirements. With this objective as our driving force, we have serviced a variety of clients.

The Mission

Our mission is to enable our clients to improve their services and sales by leveraging IT assets and solutions for operational efficiency.

Our team of expert consultants will connect and empower your business on this journey of digital transformation that will eventually resolve complex technological problems in an uncomplicated human way.

The Absolute Vision

To be the company that best understands your business’s technological landscape.

Our client roster includes the Corporate Sector, Educational Institutes, Healthcare Organizations, Government and Defense Organizations among many others. Many of whom have worked exclusively with Silicon, over our illustrious history.

Our immense experience has given us an edge over others, we proactively understand what is expected from us. Having worked on many complex projects across different verticals, we have learnt what works for our customers each time.

At Silicon, we strongly believe that Service Excellence is not a destination but a continuous journey that never ends; and with this thought in mind we look towards a bright and sustainable future for the company as well as our many clients.

Core Values

Silicon has the right set of solutions and partners to ensure we help our customers decide and implement on what is right for their organizations. As an Organization we are always on the lookout for new technologies and new ways to deliver the best value to customers using our services.

Our secret to success is wholly based on the Core Values that we operate on and because of this we are currently a preferred partner for IT infrastructure solutions spanning End Computing, Servers, Storage, Networking, Security and Backup.

We, as a team and company, operate on the basic two core values of Innovation and Service Excellence.


Silicon is committed to the continuous improvement of its existing technological assets and IT tools for the long term benefit of our client.

There is a lot of potential for Organizations to take advantage of the latest trends in IT like Data Analytics, IoT, Automation Systems, etc. As much as some organizations started realizing the benefits of these, we believe there is a lot more potential to be explored and customers are keen to get the right partner to handhold them. These solutions need a blend of technical as well as functional expertise to deliver the desired results and financial benefits.

Service Excellence

Silicon will always aim to exceed expectations as we take intense pride in offering smart solutions to our clients rather than just simple assets.

While you see various platforms being made available as a service, nobody speaks on providing technology solutions as a service. We are planning to set up labs for each of these solution areas with support of our OEM's to enable customers to evaluate and take advantage of these offerings. As an Organization we are always looking for new technologies and new ways to deliver the best value to customers using our services.

To conclude, we are a team that is committed to protecting your organization’s technology investments and thereon providing the highest level of guidance, development, and ongoing IT management.